Love. Nothing more.


Love yourself the way you are and love others the way they are.



Sounds easier than it is sometimes, I know. We all know these times looking in the mirror and have feelings for ourselves which are far away from love. We want to look better, fitter, younger, healthier, bigger/smaller,…  We condemn ourselves for mistakes we’ve done, for things we haven’t done, for chances we didn’t use, for words we’ve said/haven’t said,… To be honest, how many times are you really happy with yourself?



How many times do you really accept and LOVE yourself the way you are? With all your wrinkles, dimples, tooth gaps (yes, I have one), kilos, character traits, strenghts and weaknesses and whatever makes you so special and unique.



Try it out to look in the morning in the mirror and say it to yourself „I love and accept me the way I am“ and smile at yourself.
And these days accepting yourself feels so hard, love yourself because of that (I love myself even if it is hard to accept myself today) and give yourself a grin.

Tell me your results.

We tend to to be so strict with ourselves, try to be yourself your best friend and take care.

And the same way try to accept and love others. Everyone of us wants to be loved and cared- when we all have the same desire, why we fight against each other?

Something to think about.
Lots of love for everybody, take care and big hugs


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