happy 2017

New year’s already started so fast, let us think about 2016, the year the last.

Thanks to all my family and my friends all over the world, you gave me a fantastic time, touching moments, love, joy and laughter- just fine.


Mi casa es tu casa an italian friend said to me, and so I am really happy to see. Glad to know I am at home in all your houses and places, I see your open hearts in your smiling faces.


Wish ya all a time full of love, peace and light. May it will be much stronger than hate, war and fight.

Let us never forget we are connected to each other, with all beings, brothers, sisters and nature, our grand mother.


Wish ya all a very peaceful and lovely new year, let us keep sharing our love and peace on this planet here.



Alles Liebe für ein fantastisches 2017

eure Sabine

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